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The EM53T and new MDL-1 Module are a collaboration between Pearl and Korg.
The kit features 6 ply heads, advanced PUREtouch Pad System triggering, new electronic cymbals, a custom rack, and a great look.

The MDL-1 Module

An edrum module is the center of any edrummers experience. If its not good the rest of the kit suffers. The MDL-1 module offers a pair of fast, multicore processors, a full spectrum of Pearl acoustic drum samples and a library filled with world, ethnic, electronic, orchestral and other sounds chosen from KORG’s renowned hi definition sample libraries.

The all new acoustic library for the MDL-1 was recorded in one of the world’s most respected recording studios in historic Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Both current and vintage instruments in a full variety of sizes were chosen and sampled. You will recognize some familiar tones in the style of several iconic Pearl artists, some specific genres, decades, and historic songs and styles from the past to the present. Customize sets and save your presets to the library, choose from over 35 different onboard effects, record your performances for hours on end, or just play drums. The module was designed to get you playing more and editing less. With eight assignable outs, two master outs, headphone outs and an aux in, the MDL-1 easily handles all your live performance and recording needs. One of the most exciting features of the e/MERGE MDL-1 is is the ambience slider. Taken from a mix of the room and overhead mics during the recording process, the ambience slider allows you to instantly add color, natural room reverb and live vibe to any acoustic set.

The Pads

The EM53T new Pure-touch Electronic Pad System aims to be authentic and quiet at the same time. The patent pending Pure-touch Electronic Pads were constructed by Pearl and KORG engineers with six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available. Use any type stick you want to trigger every area of the snare drum from the center to the edge. Two rim triggers are built in for cross stick and rim shots. The snare drum’s is 14” in diameter which is a common request from Edrummers. The EM53T comes wit with the EM-KCPC electronic kick pad. This is really the only difference that we can see between the two kits.

The Cymbals

Each e/MERGE kit includes a PUREtouch Electronic Cymbal pack consisting of an 18” three zone Ride (bell, bow and edge), 15” two zone Crash (bow and edge), and 14” two zone Hi-hats (bow and edge). Pure-touch Crash and Ride Cymbals feature a multi layer construction encapsulated in rubber with a playing action similar to that of acoustic cymbals, but with a slightly softer feel for controlled sound volume. Pure-touch cymbals have a patent pending feature, based upon frequency, that blends the edge and bow sounds consistent with where you strike the cymbal. Most electronic cymbals include a choke feature that cuts off the sound when you grab the switch located under the cymbal, but the patent pending natural choke function of Pure-touch Cymbals eliminates the sound and instantaneously triggers the natural sympathetic harmonic ring inherent to choking real acoustic cymbals. Truly the most natural sounding electronic cymbals ever. Pure-touch Hi-hats have the same natural feel and stick response and utilizes a plunger trigger system that is compatible with virtually any hi-hat stand. The Capacitive Motion Sensor (CMS) developed for the Pure-touch Hi-hats provides an extended range of articulation without interfering with the mechanical operation of the hi-hat stand capturing every nuance of precise hi-hat play. The patent pending vented bottom cymbal provides stability to the Hi-hats while reducing sound volume.

The Rack

The foundation of the EM53T electronic drum set is a custom designed Icon e-Rack system that offers complete flexibility when positioning your drums and cymbals and securely locks them into place. The beautifully chrome plated rack blends with the chrome tom arms and cymbal holders and is perfect for a small stage, ideal for the worship environment and right at home in an arena. The Icon e-Rack provides room to grow as you expand your kit with additional drums and cymbals.

EM-53T - e/TRaditional components

- EM-14S 14” PUREtouch Snare Drum Pad
- EM-10T 10” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
- EM-12T 12” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
- EM-14T 14” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
- EM-KCPC PUREtouch Kick Pad, Complete
- EM-14HH 14” PUREtouch Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad Set
- EM-15C 15” PUREtouch Crash Cymbal Pad
- EM-18R 18” PUREtouch Ride Cymbal Pad
- EM-MDL1 Electronic Drum Module
- DR-80EM Icon e-Rack System
- CH-830ES Cymbal Holder, Short Boom qty 2
- S-830 Snare Stand
- TH-70E Tom Holder qty 3
- PCR-50L Module Clamp

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Marca Pearl
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